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UPS Battery Distributors in Bhivpuri Road

We are the leading UPS Battery Distributors in Bhivpuri Road of Powertronics Corporation who is well known mainly for our high-quality premium services. Powertronics Corporation provides a wide range of Electrical Products especially the UPS Battery whose specifications mainly consists of the following:

  • Size: Customized
  • Nominal Capacity: 200Ah
  • Warranty: At least 1 year
  • Components: Lithium iron phosphate

  • Our UPS Battery Distributors in Bhivpuri Road produce in-house specially designed lead alloys, grid castings, lead oxides, injection molded containers, pasted plates, multi-tubular gauntlets, separators as well as also produce a complete battery by utilizing the state of the art industry standard battery making machinery. As a Best UPS Battery Distributors in Bhivpuri Road We deliver the services with such designs that are proven and has tested to assure that it will run for a life cycle delivering the greater power results. Moreover, each USP Battery is dispatched in the market in accordance with the international norms. Thus, to reflect a complete transparency in our work, our warehouse is entirely occupied with a high-quality LCT.
    We, the UPS Battery Distributors in Bhivpuri Road are committed as well as dedicated to continuous improvement and R&D development by using our own in-house laboratory facilities. As a top UPS Battery Distributors in Bhivpuri Road We also provide the guidance while ensuring that the processes, design and a perfect finished development are of the highest standard in order to keep abreast with the latest technology and market trends.

    Features :
    • Rugged Design depending upon the needs of a customer for each model.
    • Superior Lead Calcium Alloys.
    • High-Density active materials.
    • Valve Regulated Maintenance Free operations.
    • Excellent cyclic performance.
    • quick charge acceptance after a deep discharge.
    • Completely Sealed.
    • Leak Proof battery container.
    • High impact ABS Casing.
    • Ultra Low Self Discharge.

    Thus, at a glace we the UPS Battery Distributors in Bhivpuri Road state that all our goods and services are of high quality. This is because we, UPS Battery Distributors in Bhivpuri Road promise to deliver the maintenance free batteries that are produced in the state of an art manufacturing facility along with an advanced battery manufacturing technology as well as a high purity grade of raw material. At UPS Battery Distributors in Bhivpuri Road The most noticeable thing about the UPS Battery is that it consists of a long float and cyclic life span, super high specific gravity as well.

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