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Solar Battery Manufacturers

Powertronics Corporation is involved in delivering the Solar Battery of low maintenance with positive tubular plates that are highly known for its excellent power back up for longer time duration. We are able to provide such services with a help of our Solar Battery Manufacturers who manufacture such batteries within the restricted time frame at cost-adequate rates. Our objective is to render extremely good result with our services. The services of the Solar Battery Manufacturers are rendered in such a way whose specifications are listed as follows:

  • keep a reasonable gap between active materials and electrolyte
  • ensure stable performance
  • longer life for the battery service
  • reduces releasing speed of antimony from positive grid
  • provides a longer period of power back up

  • The batteries of the Solar Battery Manufacturers contain 30% more electrolyte which acts as a coolant and aims in controlling the rising temperature of battery that too in a presence of carbon canister which is fitted with water level indicator that reverts water into the battery. This makes it come out because of enhancement in vaporization with an ultra-low maintenance to it.
    Solar Battery Manufacturers specially made an active material that delivers an optimum power output as an when required for a sake of much longer period in compliance with the other deep cycle batteries. Thus, our services have become an ideal choice for solar systems, especially where power outage is excessive.

    Features: • 8 mm Positive Tubular Plates.
    • Superior High-Density active materials.
    • Excellent Corrosion Resistance.
    • Ultra Low maintenance.
    • Tower Types design option.
    • Water Level indicators with Carbon.
    • High Acid volume per Ampere.
    • The excellent cyclic performance with quick charge acceptance.
    • Deep discharge abilities.
    • Ultra Low Self Discharge.

    Our products are designed in such a way which meet the necessities of rigorous working conditions in electrically operated material, vehicles like fork lifts, platform, tow trucks, power trolleys and a plenty of other industrial traction applications as well. Our Solar Battery Manufacturers design everything by keeping in mind the needs and necessities of the people. We supply in wet charged condition to use it immediately on receipt. It is otherwise supplied in a dry charged condition in order to enable a commissioning charge at the customer's premise that leads to saving on charging cost.

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