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Inverter Battery Manufacturers

At the present time, with the scenario of frequent power cuts, the Powertronics Corporation contains a team of Inverter Battery Manufacturers where are services are wider in demand by a plenty of the people. We take pride in saying that our services are truly ideal for domestic use, where our Inverter Battery Manufacturers often assure a transient free uninterrupted power supply to most of an electronic item and devices as well as a large amount of the needed places.
We the Inverter Battery Manufacturers use hi-tech technology and thus give an independent power supply along with an output neutral bonded to the ground. On the other hand, in a case of power failures, these inverters also protect the critical loads form failure and damage.

  • Give an uninterrupted power backup
  • Transient free power supply
  • Zero humming of electrical products
  • Controlled as well as Pure sine wave output
  • Well equipped
  • User-friendly display of alerts
  • Low consumption of power
  • Latest micro controller technology
  • Constant current
  • Constant voltage
  • Quick charge of battery
  • Available in both standard and customized models

  • Application: We the Inverter Battery Manufacturers manufacture the inverters in such a candid way that all our services have become wider in demand specifically at the home and industries because it renders constant and uninterrupted power supply to the following :-

  • Computers
  • Transient free power supply
  • Zero humming of electrical products
  • Controlled as well as Pure sine wave output
  • Well equipped
  • and a lot more. Our services are based on PWM Mosfet Technology and conventional components as well that are mounted to assure complete reliability with proper quality which is available in a compact size and easy serviceability as well. The most noticeable thing about the services of our Inverter Battery Manufacturers is that it automatically shuts down if exposed to an excessive load and keeps on continuously beeping and sensing an excessive load to switch itself on in order to find a load within a restricted limit while eliminating the needs of manual resetting the users. Moreover, if the load becomes more than a restricted percentile then the rated capacity will also shut but this process will only happen till the extra load is there in order overcome close the extra load.

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